Our Services

Sound System Hire

Sound system hire is our main service. We provide precision audio solutions for all applications. If you are planning a festival, club night, conference, private party or wedding, we have a system to meet your needs.

Venue Installations

We have a great knowledge of venue acoustics. Working with the latest audio measurement technologies we provide installations that make any venue sound exceptional.

Noise Management

We are experts in noise management and environmental noise solutions. We work with you and local authorities to secure any licensing requirements, providing assistance from planning to sign off.

"You guys were great, very professional and efficient! The students loved it, as did we."

− Ben Hamid (Bath College)

"Audiopoint, professional and affordable service. Great team to work with, world class crystal clear sound that will stand toe to toe with any system out there!"

− Jamie Bowyer (12:34 Productions)

"Top quality service from Audiopoint. The sound they provide is on point and the team is very professional."

− Aidan Waller (Tremor Sound System)

Our Equipment

Our sound system has been carefully selected to ensure it delivers outstanding  performance and sound quality. Most modern music now contains extremely low frequencies which some systems struggle to hit. Our sound system is capable of hitting these low notes that modern music requires while maintaining a crisp, clean sound throughout the full frequency spectrum.

Our sound system is powered by Full Fat Audio amplifiers and processed by XTA signal processors. Both FFA and XTA are leaders in their fields when it comes to amplification and signal processing – giving us confidence we can deliver the sound quality you deserve.

If you would like anymore information on our sound system, please check our Hire Stock page. If you have any enquiries about equipment or services we can provide please contact us.